Singles in America

I’m not single anymore. However that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of input on the topic of being a single person (and Mama). So recently, I had the pleasure of being asked to think about this subject and participate in a ridiculously cool on-line event, Single in America hosted by

The very well versed, Dr. Helen Fisher put together an amazing study that covered the span of what singles today in America are truly seeking when they are looking to commit. Commitment is scary, and it’s true that today women and men are looking for self-fulfillment over creating joy for the familial unit. I mean she nailed it on the head, when I was hunting for the Boyfriend these were the things I judged men by and literally in THIS order…

Women Judge Men By:

Teeth: 70%
Grammar: 69%
Clothes: 58%
Car: 24%,
Electronics: 10%

I mean in all seriousness dating is a pain in the ass. How do you even figure out what you’re actually looking for in a mate? Is there some sort of system? Do you need a chart with graphs and such? Or can you just do like I did and spin the wheel of bad dates for years and years and years until you finally meet someone who doesn’t make you set the alarm on Sunday morning?


Dr. Fisher’s study covers the whole kit and kaboodle of what makes your noodle tingle when looking for THE ONE!!!! (insert that duh duh duh music) Check it out here and seriously listen…she’s got some good stuff.

Por ejemplo (or for those not using Spanish these days…For Example) she puts to rest the myth that Married folks have less sex and/or orgasms. Now albeit the Doc is certainly referring to happily married folks and not those sad kids who only go out together for family events and weddings to wear nothing but their scarlet letters of shame and sadness as they are mocked by truly happy couples. And she hits on a favorite of mine…MARRIED COUPLES (HAPPY ONES) DON’T CHECK EACH OTHERS EMAILS! Phew. I think I actually yelled that whilst typing it. I dunno go ask the Boyfriend.

Yes I’m not married. Yet. But we will be some day.

Seriously though, my lovelies, if you haven’t found Mister Right it’s because you haven’t done the research. Hell if Dr. Fisher is going to hand you this amazeness and you aren’t going to take then I don’t know what to do with y’all. Get off the couch. Do something for you. Figure out what makes your tick tock and then you will find the right match for your hour glass. What? Too many time telling references. Jeebus. I’m sorry.

Just go. Do it. Be well and love well.



P.S. asked me to do this and I agree cause y’all need to get out there. So yes this was sponsored. Holla!

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