My Feet Love Me & My Shoe Cushions.


There are times in a girls like when she just has to grin and bear it. Times when her shoes look fabulous for maybe thirty minutes and then your face wants to wrinkle into strange contortions to relieve the pain that your is currently shooting up your legs from the tips of your toes the top of your noggin. Sometimes burning and blazing sweats occur and it’s just not as pretty as your feet might look. Honestly it defeats the purpose.

I love shoes. Love, love, love them. To the point that I subscribe to several on-line shoe stores and get daily emails about new hot fashions. Then I found Foot Petals. Oh my goodness the most amazing thing since someone invented death by stilletos.

I threw some of the Foot Petals Killer Kushionz in my new favorite pair of 4-inch platform wedges and they helped keep my foot in place so it didn’t slide forward, preventing toe cramping and that unsightly toe grab sometimes caused by sweaty feet. Gross.

In my day job, I can be sitting on my bum for hours or on my feet running around like a mad woman snapping photos of properties and often times coming face-to-face with clients, so it’s important that I look like a put together business woman and not a hot stumbling mess. I love that I can use Foot Petals in all my shoes! While I’m truly a heels gal, they can be used in every pair I buy from pointy toe heels to loafers and ballet flats. Heavenly Heelz shoe cushions are a great product for any shoe that is a bit too big or cuts the back of your heel. Simply apply to the inside back of your shoe to keep your foot comfortably in place. Love them!

I’m desperately looking forward to the weather cooling down so I can try these puppies in all my shoes! With tights, without tights. Bring on the Fall people! And don’t forget your Foot Petals!


*Post sponsored by Foot Petals

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