Get Your Gaiam On!

As everyone knows, I’ve been avoiding joining a gym since the beginning of time. Mr. Awesome was shocked when I finally joined one and started doing 5am runs on the dreadmill to prep for the half marathon the Boyfriend and I are running in May.

But, here’s the tough part they don’t offer cardio classes at 5am! And well let’s face it friends my weekends are not for trying to fit in a spin class here or an core strength class there. My weekend are for Monkey chasing and sipping wine on the patio. So I’ve been looking for a solution to my woes to no avail. Even joining the local hot yoga studio isn’t time convenient. *sigh*


Enter in GaiamTV of which I’ve been given the chance to preview and while I was kinda skeptical that it would be any different than all the DVD’s I bought ages ago that sit collecting dust somewhere in the garage, I have to say I was kinda wrong.

First off, it’s free to try for 10-days and then if you don’t like it you don’t have to keep going. I hate being pressured into decisions, so awesomesauce! I hopped on the website and got kinda excited to see that there are tons of amazing programs available whenever I need a quick yoga, Pilates or cardio fix. As someone who is looking for ways to up my game as a runner there was one thing that made me giddy with running joy, I can customize the program any way I want it and create a program for my needs. Hello, that’s hella awesome!

If you’re looking for a wicked cool way to get fit on your schedule or to add something toyour current workout routine GaiamTV is a super easy way to do that and with the special promo of  Free 10-day Trial, No Strings Attached what are you waiting on! Go, now!!! Gaiam TV is seriously like a Netflix for health, wellness, yoga and fitness. Utilize the delivery of hundreds of hours of online yoga, Pilates and cardio classes. And, Gaiam TV viewers get to practice with top instructors like Rodney Yee, Seane Corn, Jillian Michaels, Mari Winsor and Kathryn Budig. Umm, hella pros people. Even my personal trainer buddy Kali thinks this is the most amazing concept for peeps who travel, work from home or even don’t like working out in front of others. It’s like getting private training sessions in your casa and not having to deal with the trolls at the gym. BAM!

Give it a shot and let me know what you think by leaving me a comment here! I can’t wait to hear about how much everyone loves this wicked fantastic program. Woot!





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  1. Veronica

    Love this! What a great an affordable way to get a workout in. I’m a single mom too and rarely find time to get a workout in if I have to get to the gym so this seems WAY more affordable and an easier way to squeeze one in whenever I have time.

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