New Year’s Resolution-ish #1. Tip the scales in your favor!

Mama doesn’t do diets. I just don’t. I’ve tried a few over the years and most of them included cigarettes, coffee and a lack of adequate substance in the form of food. Once the Monkey came along, skipping meals just wasn’t an option. Along with an active child comes hunger, like ridiculous hunger from all the moving and shaking. Add to that being a single Mom and you’ve got tough personified when it comes to cooking real honest-to-goodness healthy meals. Then if you add to that working full-time and never having enough time to do anything well yeah eventually you start cutting corners or snacking at the wrong times and well healthy goes out the window.

I’ve always planned healthy meals for the Monkey and then well snacked my way to bedtime with a glass of wine. Intentions are always the best, right? Well I’ve been eyeing the very cool meal plans at Fresh Diet and not been sure it was for me. I’ve had commitment issues for years. Okay, well I’ve worked those out but seriously.  So when they offered me the chance to try 7 days worth of meals, Mama literally did a happy dance!!! Hello three meals a day and two snacks delivered to my casa for 7 DAYS!!! As a part of the way I chose to start off the New Year with The Boyfriend is making changes to certain aspects of our lives. We’re moving in together. We’re training for a half marathon in May. We’re making changes to how we eat and choosing to live healthier. So this was perfect timing! A kick start to the year after spending and entire weekend binging on excessive everything!

The best part is that Fresh Diet isn’t really a diet. It’s a means to changing how one does food. It’s the easiest way to have fresh, nutritionally balanced meals for healthy weight loss. What I love is that it’s the perfect way for busy people with refined palates to lose weight and get healthy, without having to drink gross shakes or starve yourself. It’s an opportunity to train yourself back to healthy!

If you haven’t yet check out the site. I know there are tons of these delivery companies out there but seriously why not take a minute to look and then of course along with this there is an awesome deal for everyone who loves me….

Click and save! “Start today for $29.99 per day and get 3 days free” The promo code is: singlejan3

Once my 7 glorious days are up, I will let everyone know how it went! Can’t wait for all the yummy. Even if you’re not a resolution girl, and again I don’t do them, this is the best time to start living for you and take advantage of a sweet deal. Noms.




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