Mama Says…Just Ask

It’s funny but a friend of mine emailed me after reading my last post to ask me for dating advice. Why is this amusing? Because to be honest, I don’t really think I’m that good at this shit. Relationship are not my forte, but for some reason I’m really good at giving other people wicked excellent advice on how to manage their dating pitfalls. So, when a friend in real life emailed me and asked me a question I called her up quick as a flash and asked her what-the-frack lady why not just call.
We chatted a bit about her dilemma and then she said, why don’t you write a post about it? What? Write about your question? Yeah, it was obvious to her that she always comes to me for advice and this question being on-line dating relevant and in time with my writing of the moment, that I should use this post as a regular segment can she aptly named it Mama Says.

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