Challenge Me.

When I commit to something I'm dedicated without a shadow of a doubt. Last year I commited to Happy Hour weekly with the Rachel. Mostly cause I needed some girl time and mostly cause the Rachel was stuck in a relationship that was crowding her awesomeness. Over Sangria and Happy Hour snacks we bonded and found a friendship that will no doubt last long into my old years. Around that same time I found out my ovary issues were in full swing yet again, and I drowned my sorrows on those Happy Hour Wednesdays and in the process gained a more weight than I had gained since I was preggers. When all was said and done it was about 17lbs all together. At first it was only 8lbs and then well sometime in November I lost my mind when Mr. S left me yet again and that 8lbs became 17lbs of grossness. I will admit that I was in denial. I was lost in my pity party of wine and food and sadness. And I didn't really care.



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